Little Women

Here's a shot from the production of Little Women which A. is in the weekend.  She is playing Aunt March.  Don't you think she is the oldest 13 year old you've ever seen?  Come see the show if you are able.  Details are available on the Thin Ice Theater website.  (For those of you who have been reading for a while, the redhead is P13 who is playing Jo in half of the shows.)

I thought I would give a few updates on some of the things I have been writing about recently.  First, I have figured out how to seat all 28 people in my dining room at Thanksgiving.  I actually had to resort to drawing it all out, but it should work.  I also have charts drawn up of what needs to happen when, and I think it looks do-able.

Next, I have started my hospitality campaign.  The week after Thanksgiving we have two couples whom we really like but don't get a chance to visit with coming over for dinner.  It should be fun.  Has anyone else bit the bullet and issued long-intentioned invitations?  (Is it not fair to ask this less than a week before Thanksgiving?)

Continuing, you know that post a wrote a while back when I was whining about our money concerns?  Thanks to my generous parents and a few other people, the money issues seem to be resolving.  My parents helped out with the catalytic converter.  I was able to pay the next adoption agency fee with the money people have donated to the holding organization for us.  I think I have Christmas under control.  If I can just remember not to worry about everything that is coming up, God is faithful and takes care of our current needs.  We have experienced God's provision in mighty ways, especially over the past five years.  He has provided for us through other people and sometimes things have worked out in such a way that I can only say that God did it. I can't come up with any other explanation.  It is humbling.  I know (really know, deep down) that I don't deserve this graciousness, but there it is.  I just hope that I can be as generous to other people as people have been to us.  I feel as though I am constantly fighting my natural tendency toward stinginess and continue to practice generosity.  (I'll pause here and take a deep breath, because I know first hand what happens the minute I voice a desire to practice a character trait!)

Finally, I am so excited to tell you that there is a family who is very interested in adopting little Olga.  There only hesitation is do they have the finances to make it work.  Please head over to Reeses Rainbow and donate a little money (or a lot) toward Olga's adoption.  Adopting from this country is very, very expensive (double than any fees we've paid for any of our adoptions).  Even $5, multiplied many times adds up and could make it possible for this family to bring Olga home and get her the therapy and care she needs.


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