Wednesday, March 18, 2009

7 + 4 = 11

children, that is. As of tomorrow we will be the guardians/parents of 11 children for the next two weeks...our 7 plus 4 of children our friends the P-family. The parents of these children are our very good friends who are travelling to Ethiopia to meet their two newest children. We will be caring for four of their children and other friends are caring for the other 2. Before you start feeling too sorry for me or decide to sign me up for sainthood, you have to know that I feel as though I am gaining 3 more pairs of hands as opposed to 4 more dependents. Our friends refer to themselves as the "P" family since all of their first names begin with that letter. It will make my system of referring to my children by their first initial a bit awkward. So, to help with confusion I will also tack on their ages: P16, P15, P10, and P5. The only real difficulty with this arrangement will be with TM and P5. They are good friends, but also have a tendency to lead each other down the wrong path more often than not. We are still not sure who the idea person is of this pair, or if it changes. But, whoever has the ideas, the other seems unwilling or unable not to follow along. While we have joked we need to install cameras on their heads for continual surveillance, I think I will just have a rotating schedule of older children assigned to keep tabs on the pair at all times.

I anticipate the two weeks going very smoothly. We are all involved in nearly the same activities so it doesn't add extra driving for me...I will have some extra hands to help with things around here...and since I drive a 15-passenger van, we still all fit in one vehicle.

Do join me in praying for our friends as they travel...for safety for all and for a smooth first meeting with their new children (ages 1 1/2 and 6).


Stevens Family said...

Hands full as always but seems you'll have some helping hands too; very nice :)

Wishing your friends safe travels. Can you share thier blog address if they've got one?

thecurryseven said...

Sorry, they aren't keeping a blog on this trip... which annoys the P-children, who always want more updates on their parents' travels. Based on the emails, though, things are going well for them.

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