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My resource today isn't a book or curriculum, but an everyday object:  my large white board hanging in my upstairs hallway.  I use it for writing things that I want people to read but without asking them to read them... sort of along the same lines of leaving books in the bathroom.  I have found that asking my children to read something can cause automatic disinterest, but if I leave it about it will be read because all of my children are compulsive readers.  If there is print in front of them, they will read it.  With that in mind, I use my white board to write quotes I want them to think about or notices of things they should be aware of or things I would like them to possibly memorize.  (Because if you find yourself reading the same thing everytime you come up the stairs, you will find that thing lodged in your brain.)  So this morning I will be writing out the text of Luke 2... the Christmas story.  My plans for the white board in January include writing lists of sight words so that TM and D. have practice with them.  (You know, through, though, tough, thought, for example... maybe even a little picture for each one to remind them which is which.  What would a picture of 'though' look like I wonder?) 

While the erasable white board is convenient, I would do the same things with large pieces of paper before we had it.  At one time I had posters and signs up everywhere.  I think some of my older children can still recite the poems on the poster of poetic forms which was hanging in our schoolroom for a year.  Heck, you could even cover the cereal boxes at breakfast!

Now it's your turn. What are your great learning resources to share this week?
Here are the rules:

1. Post about a resource (book, movie, CD, website, etc.) that you have found useful in teaching your children. You can also post directions for a learning activity that you have done with your children. The content of your blog must be family-friendly.

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This is an older post, but I love our workboxes and specifically our checklists! Not that exciting of a resource, but I have found that it really helps the kids to be more independent in their work. Thanks for doing a link up!

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