Bidding wars

Problem:  I do not like to clean bathrooms.  And while I have my children clean all the shared bathrooms in the house, I don't make them clean mine and J.'s.  When you put these two things together, it equals a fairly scary bathroom.
Solution:  This morning, on the white board which hangs in our upstairs hallway, the following message appeared:

Notice of Money Making Opportunity

Closed bids for the job of cleaning Mommy and Daddy's bathroom are currently being accepted.  If you are interested in bidding for the job, submit a written proposal containing the following information:
  • What will be included in the cleaning
  • When the work will be completed
  • How much it will cost
Contract will be awarded based on a combination of work, cost, and originality and neatness of proposal.  Bids due by 1 pm today.

The Management

We have three proposals to look at tonight and by dinnertime tomorrow we should have a squeaky clean bathroom.


Anonymous said…
Great idea. The closed bidding part was especially thoughtful. I look forward to hearing how it went - but I don't know if you are going to tell the details of the three bids or keep that secret.

Ann said…
The woman's a genius!
mom2super6 said…
I can't wait to try it myself!

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