Friday, June 29, 2007

Update on K

We have had some news about our newest son, K. The biggest piece of information is that he had surgery to correct his lip the second week of June. He was in the hospital for 5 days and is now back at the care center, eating and sleeping normally. A confusing aspect of the report is that is says his palate was also corrected. I suppose this is possible, but in all my research, I have only heard of the lip and palate being repaired separately. I am so glad that he came through the surgery without any problems. It means that we won't necessarily be looking at surgery immediately upon bringing him home. But, it also breaks my heart that we weren't there to hold him as he recovered.

The other part of the update states that he is now crawling (very fast...he will fit right in with the other boys in the house) and is beginning to pull to a stand. He likes attention and smiles when people talk to him. This was all two months ago, so who knows what he is doing now.

We are now at the 4 month mark of waiting for K. For TM's adoption, 4 months was the total time we waited after submitting paperwork...this adoption is looking to be twice as long. I'm beginning to wonder if planning on travelling in January might be a good idea...

Sunday, June 24, 2007

She Came Back!

Last week B. and A. were at church camp. We all drove them up last Sunday, then had dinner and came home. We had spent a lot of time telling TM what was happening and how they both would come home in a week. How much he believed us is up for grabs. It was a fairly miserable week for those of us left at home. TM had not one, not two, but three great, big, noisy fits, one of which lasted for an hour and twenty minutes. I'm sure the whole thing felt a little too familiar... parents taking a child (or in this case children) to an unfamiliar place with a lot of other children and then just leaving. From TM's point of view, he had no experience that told him they would return. Well, we survived the week, more or less in one piece, and J. went up Saturday morning to bring them home. About lunch time they arrived home and A. was the first one in the door. TM happened to be standing across the room when she walked in and luckily I happened to catch the whole scene. TM sees A., bolts across the room toward her shouting, "A.! A.! My A.!" and launches himself into her arms. From the sound of the sheer joy in his voice, one would have thought she had come back from the dead....which maybe in TM's mind is exactly what happened.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Just Because it Makes me Laugh

The prize for signing-up for our library's summer reading game was headbands with alien heads on springs. (It's a space theme this summer, so not entirely random.) The littles had a lot of fun with them. Especially TM and D, who made-up a new game...

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Toga! Toga!

Our family has been involved in an history co-op for the past seven years. Each year we cover an era of history and the six mothers take turns teaching. (Although this year was wonderful in that a couple of the older children/young adults [one never quite knows what to call 14 year olds, especially if one doesn't believe in ther term "teenager"] took on quite a few of the classes.) Since we do the eras chronologically, this past year we have been covering Ancient Rome. The highlight of each year is the feast we have to celebrate the end of the school year. Everyone dresses in costumes of the period we had been studying and we try to fix food that is an approximation of what would have been served. (There was great rejoicing when the renaissance rolled around and we could serve chocolate and tomatoes.) Often the children provide the entertainment with some sort of readers' theater. This year we had the (very) abridged version of the Aenead, with Aeneas' crew made up of many grade school aged girls wearing long dresses. I have to say, I thought this version was much more amusing than Virgil's original.

Actually, I've decided that my family needs very little excuse to dress-up in costumes. (I'm sure this all comes from the acting genes on J's side of the family. I can't recall very many times I dressed up in a costume as a child and not particularly enjoying it when I did.) TM must think that every family in the US dresses up in a costume at the drop of a hat. Since TM has been home there have been multiple costume opportunities.....Halloween (we had two princesses, a civil war general, a lion, a robin, and a billy goat), Christmas (because of the pageant...we had a sheep, a billy goat [yes, the same costume], a shepherd, two angels and a poor boy), Oliver! (I'm sure I don't need to go through the list again), M's birthday party (a murder mystery party set in Egypt in the late 1880's and everyone dressed as archeaologists), a friend's birthday party (also a murder mystery party, this time the costumes were literary/fairy tale characters, so we had Goldilocks and Huck Finn), and, finally, the feast ( most of us were just general Roman-types, but we also had a centurian and Ceres, goddess of the harvest.)

As far as I can tell, the summer looks to be costume-free. That's good. I can store up my costuming energy for next year. The middle ages follows Rome and I can no longer get away with clothing everyone in long, white pieces of cloth like I did for Egypt, Greece, and Rome. That's seven actual, constructed costumes (J and I can wear what we wore last will fit, it will!) Maybe I should just start now....
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