Just doing our part...

to keep the area ReStore in business. At this rate, I'm going to have to make a label called "appliances" to tag my frequent blog posts about them.

Yes, that would be a different range. After J. tried fixing the old one, the part that was broken was going to cost more to replace than going to the ReStore and getting another, working range. That just seems crazy.

There are metal grates that go on top, over the burners:

And three hardware store trips later, J. thinks he even has the right parts with which to install it. We should have a working oven and stove by morning.

I'm officially tired of replacing appliances. To the rest of the appliances in the house. We like you. We want to keep you. We want (desperately) for you to continue working, and stay with us as long as possible. We will speak kind words to you, and pat you affectionately in return.


Anonymous said…
Have you consider a grill smoker and wood stove.
Carla said…
When I bought brand new appliances for our newly renovated new house, I asked for pricing on the "20 year models". You know... the Maytag repairman who is twiddling his thumbs... the salesman said they don't make those kind anymore. I told him I would be willing to pay for the extended years, but he said that most people renovate and want new appliances on average every 7 years, so that's what they make them to last. SEVEN years. I was astounded! Chances are, you're coming out ahead money wise by buying used and replacing every couple of years.

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