Meet Aster

Today was puppy pick-up day. TM has decided to go with Aster as the puppy's name. He was already thinking a flower name, and when the breeder named all six of the puppies after flowers, he decided just to keep the name the breeder has given her.

She is such a brave and good puppy. She met the bigger dogs and masses of children without acting fearful, and has investigated her crate and finds it a nice place to be. She is also not nippy. Having lived with Gretel, the world's nippiest puppy (even our trainer found her to be the nippiest puppy she had ever worked with), this is very pleasant. Kenzie was a gentleman, and Olive was fine once she figured out what this little thing was. Olive did NOT like A. giving the puppy treats, though.

Aster has beautiful light blue eyes. I'm not sure they really show up in the photographs.

Everyone is pretty much in love.


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