Friday bullets, August 31, 2018

The end of the school planning is in sight, with the unit study type things all sorted out and scheduled. Today is going to be spent putting together activity boxes and... laminating! I'm excited. But I think I have a couple of moments to spare to write a quick blog post, though because I've spent the entire week holed up in my studio staring at piles of books, there may not be much to write.

  • I have found a French tutor for D., and we met with her last Wednesday. They will have weekly online sessions, and I think this is going to be good. It is also a major school-thing for D. to check off.
  • The peaches off our tree are ripe and, more surprisingly, good. I probably have two bushels worth out there getting riper and riper. Last year, the tree had peaches, but they stayed small, hard, and green. They are freestone peaches, which is lovely from a processing point of view, and have white flesh, which has confused some of the children.
  • A week from tomorrow, the husky puppy comes home. 
  • As I have been the planning hermit, my children have been really helpful, and several times I have come down to the kitchen to discover children had cleaned it up.
  • P. has now gone twice to work with the equine vet, and has enjoyed it. Everything seems to have worked out, and she will be doing this on a regular (paying!) basis.
  • I have mixed feelings about everything starting back up again. It will be good to get back into a regular rhythm and seeing people, but it also means that we will be a little busier, as well as putting a real crimp in my goal of never having to leave my house.
  • I am sad to say, the musical based on The Lord of the Rings that L. was planning got sidetracked and never created. I think it was hampered by lack of willing participants.
  • The animals have done nothing interesting this week. Well, at least nothing interesting that I know of, since I've been a little distracted. 
And truly, that's about it. I know I will not be the only one to be relieved when all of this is done. I'm hoping tomorrow I can tackle the tomatoes and peaches, and then life can get back to what passes for normal around here!


Blaine Curry said…
Nooooo... I would've come see that musical

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