Empty fish tanks

In M.'s world, there is not such thing as too many tanks. (You might have figured this out for yourself from yesterday's post.) When we cleaned things out last year in order to move, I think there were five empty tanks that we gave away, from M. having collected them. So it doesn't surprise me that M. moved in with an extra tank. An extra tank just waiting to be filled with... something.

Here is where you discover at least one reason why the younger half of the family is all so thrilled with M. moving home. With empty tanks, young children can be instructed to go fill up a pitcher from the stream and empty it into the the empty tank. That way they can discover what is living in the water.

This particular time, there were snails and water nymphs visible in the water. (Snails you can see in the photograph, water nymphs, not so much.)

The small dark spots are snails

M. continues to be an extremely popular older sibling. 


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