Off to camp

We drove the four youngest up to church camp yesterday, and got them all settled into their cabins.


L., Y., and G. in front of the twins' cabin


They were all very excited. J. is done with driving, having logged probably 300 or so miles over the past several days. We are all hot and tired of being in the van, because with a heat wave, not air conditioning is not a lot of fun.

I realized that this week, we have no children younger than 13 in the house, though one of those is R. Also, today, as our weekend of overwhelming fun continues, 15 of our closest friends are coming for dinner. Two of the H-S boys will then be staying and hanging out here for a week. This means that from Tuesday to Friday, we will have 1- 17 yo, 5- 14/15 yos, and 1 - 13 yo in the house. 

But before I get to the party tonight, I first have to tackle all these strawberries before they rot. I hope I'm still standing when the fun begins.


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