The girl, the car, and the driver's license

I think that A. has had just about as fantastic a couple of days as an 18 year old can have. She has worked pretty relentlessly all summer, life guarding at a local water park to earn money. Her idea was to earn enough to be able to afford a car. Not a fancy car, but one that runs and would be somewhat safe. Her budget was pretty low in the great scheme of cars and there just aren't a whole lot of choices out there. I happened to see one listed in her budget on a local sale list and showed it to J., who went to look at it. With our limited knowledge, it seemed like a good deal and it was a car that had a good reputation.

So yesterday, A. and her father went to pick up The Car. (I'm still not clear on whether this is going to be a joint-ownership-thing between A. and B., or what, but I'll let them work that out.) A. is excited about the car. I should have taken a picture of her sitting in it yesterday.

Now all she needed was a driver's license. (She opted to wait until she was 18 because she didn't want to take driver's ed.) This morning J. took down to the DMV and... she is now a licensed driver! Congratulations to A. While there, J. took the opportunity to change the title and apply for license plates for the new car. Adding the new car and driver to the insurance is the last step and A. is good to go.

I'm proud of her and have been practicing deep breathing all at the same time. It's hard when you want them to grow up and stay little all at the same time.


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