Simplicity 2469 and other randomness

I have had this pattern cut out for the little girls for over a year now. I worked on it a bit last summer and then the pieces sat there, staring at me, taunting me with their unfinishedness. I decided that if I was going to actually finish them, I had to do it soon, or else G. and L. would have outgrown them before they were even finished. We have a shindig this weekend, so it seemed the perfect reason to dig them out and do that last little bits. Here they are:

The fronts

Here is a closeup of the print. It's little frogs.

The back has shirring. 

Now they needed something to wear with it. They both love knit shorts and pants and rarely wear anything else, so wanting them to actually wear the fruits of my labor, I made a couple of pairs of shorts.

They'll get another month or so of wear out of them before the weather starts to turn too cold and they grow too large, but the fabric and pattern is no longer sitting on my sewing table sticking its tongue out at me.

In other randomness, B. entertained G. and L. yesterday while I went downtown. Afterwards, I found this charming picture.

It is a joint effort between B. and G. B. drew the panda, G. colored him in and drew everything else. The little black figure is a little black ninja standing on a ball. G. often likes to dress up like a little black ninja and she says this is her. The panda is holding a balloon and the green up and down marks are bamboo. Because pandas eat bamboo, you know.

Lastly, after 8 or 9 months of both putting it off and forgetting to call and make an appointment, I finally got my hair cut. (It was getting dire and I was just about ready to imitate G., who trimmed her own bangs yesterday, and cut it all off myself.) The timing works out well, because we do have this shindig tomorrow.


Cute dresses! I hope we get to see them modeled! :)
Everything good... adorable outfits, wonderful drawing, and gorgeous hair! It's a challenge for a mom of many to find time to get her hair done, I know.

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