On the road again

We're working on getting ready to head out of town again for the week. Well, some of us are going out of town, others of us are not... those pesky jobs, you know. It will make Gretel happier to have people here. Still, enough of us are leaving that it feels like a major operation to get everyone packed and everything gathered and stowed. Thank goodness for older children who can help the younger ones get their clothes together.

I have been busy doing important things, such as paying bills and checking out recorded books from the library and buying food and collecting games to take. I've also been stock-piling my own books to take, because Heaven forbid I run out of something to read on vacation.

And I'm really going to try and make it a vacation, so no blog posts for a week and I'm going to try to keep the computer in the bag as much as possible. (I have an article that is due that I will need to write at the beginning of our vacation, but that shouldn't take long.) I'm also going to try to not think about adoption-related stuff and give my brain a rest as far as that is concerned as well. (Will this work? I have no idea, but I will be checking my phone for messages because older types will be given strict instruction to phone me if important mail arrives on my doorstep during the week.)

So TTFN*. I'll be back in a week to share our vacation with you and maybe some good adoption news as well.

* From Winnie-the-Pooh, of course. It's what Tigger likes to say, "Ta Ta for now."


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