I love to sew for my girls and when they are little it is pretty easy to find cute patterns and whip something up. When I was at the fabric store the other day, it became clear to me that it is going to become increasingly difficult to find patterns to make things for H. She is 12, and if you've ever tried to dress a child, either boy or girl, who is in between little kid sizes and teen/adult sizes, you already know that it is a vast wasteland. Trust me when I say that it is even worse when you 12 year old is still very much a little girl and likes little girl things. She wants pretty dresses, not the pseudo-sophisticated inappropriate overly grown-up bilge that one finds so often for this age. (Hmmm... think I have an opinion on that?) Yet even in pattern-land, it is difficult to find things that she would like in her size.

Imagine my joy, when idling about looking at websites (because I was too depressed to get off my duff and actually do something and you never know when some little bit of good news about your adoption will suddenly appear on your computer screen), I made a discovery. Take a look.

It turns out that I need to look at French pattern companies. I know the artwork on the fronts of these patterns is of a little girl, but look at the ages of the patterns... 10 years, 12 years, 14, years, 16 years! And they're cute. In the right fabrics, I think they will be great for H. and that she will love them. Plus, the store I bought them from (Fiddlehead Artisan Supply) has many other French patterns in teen sizes. Even better is that the store has provided English translations for the written instructions. So, not only do I get cute patterns that will work for H., I get a free French lesson of sewing terms. With that information, I should be able to venture to other French pattern companies and perhaps find other cute patterns.

Now I'm off to clean off my sewing table. It has become more of a repository of general stuff than an actual work space, so step one to making cute clothes is to find my work space.


Anonymous said…
I have read your blog for many years... first time making a comment... When I saw the photos of the Citronille patterns, I thought to myself... I know about those patterns my fabric store sells them and then you write that you got them through FiddlIehead Artisan Supply. That is my fabric store. I work on the same street and go in and drool all the time. They have neat patterns for adults too. Their fabric collection is amazing. The store is wonderful, the employees friendly and helpful

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