It's better to keep busy...

but I just can't keep going 'round the clock. I have to collapse sometimes, and when I do, the hamster in my head starts running on his wheel and I start obsessing and worrying about our adoptions. I took my parents to the airport this morning, so that particular way of distracting myself is now on a plane. Which means I get to share the phenomenal news with you that...

The state of Illinois has now cost us 97 days with our daughters and there doesn't seem to be an end in sight.

I'll spare you the depressing news of what happens in we cannot be at the US Consulate getting R.'s and Y.'s visas before March 5. Let's just say it involves at least a couple months more waiting.

All because of Illinois.

Two children are living without parents and a permanent family 97 days longer than they needed to all because of Illinois.

Bitter? Yes, I am. We pay a lot to live in this state. It doesn't work and it doesn't care. We would move if we could.

At least Greece has nice scenery.


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