Did you know...

That continually hitting refresh on your email and facebook page brings neither the notification that your home study has been reapproved or the news that Gov. Rauner signed the adoption reform bill?

The continually hitting refresh on your email and facebook page also does not get the bills paid or the laundry done?

That eating lots of ice cream at night makes you feel good for a moment, but once again does not bring the news you keep hoping for?

That spending your time canning unnecessary food items at least gives you these food items on your shelf ? (Plus it stops you from eating them right now. See above.)

I think I may have developed a brand new psychiatric disorder:

Cumpulsive Avoidant Canning Syndrome


  • Patient uses canning equipment daily and sees no need to store it in between uses. 
  • Patient is willing to go to the trouble of canning even for small amounts such as 1/4 pints
  • Patient thinks this is worth it because those 1/4 pint jars are soooooooo cute
  • Patient spends time during the canning process planning what she will can next
  • Patient wonders as to the appropriateness of introducing oneself to a neighbor on another block and asking if she could pick their mulberries and crab apples
  • Patient plans what she will can with these commodities once she acquires them
  • Patient does not let family members open any of the newly canned goods and eat them
  • Patient, when not canning, is plagued by intrusive negative adoption thoughts and immediately goes back to canning
  • Patient finds herself only able to write about adoption and canning


  • Positive adoption news should mitigate the worst of the symptoms (as yet unproven, though blog readers sure hope so)


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