Another school lesson checked off

Would you believe that one of the reasons some people offer as to why children shouldn't be homeschooled is that if they don't go to school, they won't learn to stand in line? I know, it's ridiculous. Well, never fear that my poor deprived children have missed out on the line standing lesson because yesterday we all went to Six Flags Great America.

(It was a good deal because I only had to buy two tickets due to having participated in the Read to Succeed Program which offered free tickets to elementary school students and their teacher for reading during the school year. It wasn't until I went online to buy those two tickets that I realized quite how good a deal it was. I can't believe ticket prices.)

We had beautiful weather and a lovely day. It had been quite some time since I had been to Great America during the height of summer and I realize that my tolerance for standing in line isn't quite what it was when I went during my college years. P., TM, and D. took themselves off to do their list of big roller coaster and J. and I took H., K., G., and L. on smaller rides. I had no idea who everyone would enjoy them.

The surprise of the day was to discover that H. absolutely loves roller coasters. She had a ball and by the end of the day graduated up to the older group to do one last big coaster with them. She has deemed the American Eagle her favorite and hopes if we do this again some time to start out with the older group and do more of the big ones.

The second surprise of the day was that my little daredevil K., does NOT like roller coasters. He likes the spinning rides and anything involving trains, cars, or boats, but NOT roller coasters. Not even the little ones. This surprised me almost as much as H. loving them. Just when you think you know your children...

G. and L. just loved everything. They were great fun and it took very little to make them happy. I imagine once they hit 42 inches, they will be game to try everything in the park.

Some pictures from our day.



K., J., and H.

H. and K.

On the train

J., K., and H.


In the spinning teacups (L. is in there, between me and H.)

The boats where you turn a crank and spray water. It is very difficult to tell, but G., L., and K. are all standing up in order to work the spray gun and were the cause of the loudspeaker announcement that all parties are to remain seated. K. chose not to hear and I noticed kept standing for the rest of the ride.

At the end of the day. It is much later than we planned to stay and we still hadn't had dinner. I was impressed that we managed to get any sort of smile out some very tired and hungry people.

(The three oldest people all had to work so they didn't get to come with us. I still find it a bit surprising that I can have three children old enough to have full-time jobs this summer.)


Glad you had a big day out!

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