Not the best few days of my life

I won't spend a huge amount of time complaining, but I've had better weeks. Here's the list so far:

1. My old computer officially died. Blue screen of death. Wouldn't start. Our repair guy gently suggested it would cost more to repair it than to buy a new computer.

2. USCIS (immigration) is insisting that our home study needs to have another state approval before they will look at it and issue our approval. This despite the fact that the changes in our home study don't really change anything. Even better? DCFS, in an effort to be "fair", doesn't believe that our home study should be taken out of turn and have dutifully put it in the bottom of the stack. That would be the stack which contains at least a month's worth of back-logged home studies waiting for their own approvals. I will stop commenting on this particular subject because it will either make me burst into tears again... or use very bad words... or both.

3. That was yesterday afternoon, then yesterday evening when I checked my email on my new little iPod, I saw an email from our placement agency about the documents for our dossier that I had mailed them. I knew I was missing some and looked at their list to see if it matched mine, not expecting any difference. And then I saw this nice little bit of news, "We will need photocopies of current passports, as the ones you sent us are expired." This was not good. I had checked those passports a couple of times and they expired next spring. So I went and got them out to send a reply saying something like, take another look, we still have another 10 months or so on them. But, no. They had expired in April. I had read the year wrong (more than once) and it said 2015 and not 2016. This was the cause of a not-so-minor meltdown on my part, both because it is going to cost us and because it was such a stupid and needless mistake. I could have sent them off and had them back in the time we were waiting for the state the first time. I had no idea that services existed that allowed you to get passports in a very short time... or that they cost to much.

So that's the short story of where I've been. It almost makes me afraid to get up in the morning, because just when I think we've hit all of the snags we can possibly hit, we get to find another one.

I think I'm going to eat some ice cream now.


Amy said…
All I can say is that totally stinks!!! All of it!!! Praying these are the last big snags and that your family gets a big positive surprise very soon to make up for all the yuck.
Alex and Riann said…
I am so very, very sorry to read this... how hard. I can see the expired passport thing happening... but how sickening. Thinking of you all.

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