June 2015 Birthday Bash

We have a lot of celebrations in June... six birthdays and one anniversary. Then when you add in various camps, trips, graduations, weddings, Father's Day, well, it gets to be a bit much. Which is why the past Saturday found us celebrating four birthdays at once. It was the only day everyone was free, what with camps and such. We sang Happy Birthday four times; to G. and L. who turned 6, to D. who turned 12, and to B. who turned 20.




and B. (with TM)

And we did presents for four people.

L. and G. (Sorry for the photo quality. I was using my iPod and I haven't quite gotten the hang of it yet. Much to my children's amusement and bafflement.)

L. and G. received desks (that needed to be put together) from their grandparents. Can you tell L. is a little bit excited?

D. received a camera from his grandparents. He is also a little bit excited.

Of course, there were the audience members watching.

Well, B. wasn't really an audience member, but I don't have any pictures of him opening presents. That's the trouble with not being a little kid any longer... the camera is no longer focused on you all the time. Or maybe that isn't a problem, if you never really liked having your picture taken in the first place.

K. and M.


B. and H. H-S

Photo bombed by D.

Yesterday was Father's Day and J.'s birthday. We had more pie, but we didn't sing. It was a pretty low key birthday. Today is our 24th anniversary. It just never stops, does it?

Here are some photos from this morning of everyone enjoying the IKEA play stand that we gave to G. and L.


May Tchao said…
Hi Curries, we will always remember the beautiful and fun "mass birthday dinner" invitation from last year — and we have the film footage to prove it. Your warmth and hospitality made us feel right at home. It's quite an experience to share the electricity of 14, 15 people on a long dining table through mouthfuls of delicious pasta Carbonara and birthday panda cup cakes. Thanks for the privilege.

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