In which I amaze and astound you with my photographic prowess

We went strawberry picking today and picked 7 baskets, which I think are 14 quarts. It wasn't too hot and not too sunny, with only a drop or two or rain. Really, rather ideal weather for berry picking. I threw my iPod in my pocket since I thought it would be easy to use to take pictures.

In theory it was. I whipped it out of my pocket occasionally and took some pictures. I couldn't really see what I was taking because the glare made it hard to see. Evidently, I haven't quite figured out where exactly the camera is on the silly thing. This one is the best... it's L. (Who, by the way, was a terrific berry picker, outlasting nearly everyone.)

(I'm including these others because I like to make my children laugh. And believe me, they will laugh... so will you.)

Here is K., or is it G.? It's hard to tell. I took one of them both, but they both look like this... a nice picture of my finger.

Here's another one of L.

I guess you can tell that the glare wasn't so bad when I took this one, huh?

K., L., and H. (P. and G., who both seem to be fighting small colds were collapsed in the van.)

So now I have all these strawberries. They taste very good. I suppose I now need to stand up and start doing something with them. I have plans for jam, frozen berries, dehydrated berries, more jam...


GinaBrewer said…
The strawberries look great! May I ask where you all go to pick?
thecurryseven said…
We go to Thompsons' Strawberry Farm in Bristol, WI.


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