Home from church camp

On Thursday I made the drive back to the Iowa/Illinois border to return my niece and pick-up TM and P. They had a grand time... baby goats, little teeny tiny kittens, trampoline. TM has said more than once that he wants to go back, his aunt and uncle's house clearly being far superior to his own. His aunt and uncle's dog being far superior to his own. His aunt and uncle's garden being far superior to his own. You get the idea. I would say it was a terrific first time way from home for more than an overnight experience. Now, if we can all just survive the re-entry. P. had a good time as well, and I'm a little surprised that she didn't smuggle one of the new barn kittens back in her bag. When I asked her about this, she wisely pointed out that it wouldn't be safe with Gretel, the terror of any small furry mammal which happens across her path.

Then yesterday, J. made the trek north to Wisconsin to pick-up D., H., and K. A fantastic time was had by all and none of them wanted church camp to end. H.'s aide mentioned that H. jumped right in and participated in everything and that she, the aide, didn't do a whole lot. Since I know this young woman very well, I'm sure she did much more than she realizes and I was thankful she was there to keep on eye on H. The whole week was a great experience for everyone. I'm more than a little pleased that both H. and K. deemed the horseback riding to be their favorite thing. (Dang, if the sport wasn't so expensive... )

So all are home for 24 hours or so, and then very early tomorrow morning TM and D. head up to Boy Scout camp for a week. I am busy doing laundry so that they can both pack clean clothes. (Plus, today is D.'s birthday and we are having our big June birthday bash blowout party tonight, this being the only evening that everyone is free to celebrate.)

In the catching-up department, here are some photos from church camp drop-off that I was planning on sharing before the second round of computer issues took over.


G., K., and L.

D. and J.

K. and his best buddy, P7

P. and TM

Tetherball with TM, and P. family dad

Now, if we could just locate K.'s suitcase...


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