The phone call I didn't want to make

I phoned the plastic surgeon's office yesterday to schedule more surgery for H. If you know H. in real life, please don't mention this as we haven't told her yet. No sense in worrying about something if you don't have to. She'll know at the appropriate time. This set of surgeries is for more expanders... pretty much the same as last time. It was so not enjoyable last time, I wasn't in a rush to put her through all that once again. On the other hand, I also don't want to drag it out, either. It's just not wonderful either way.

The first will be in November for the expander insertion. This time, the surgeon will also be removing some of the nevi on her lower cheek, so it will be fairly significant surgery. I have learned that inserting the expanders is the worse of the two surgeries and when you add more scope to it, she could be a pretty miserable little girl for a couple of weeks. I think about that and sometimes can't believe we putting her through it. It feels rotten. The expanders will come out at the beginning of February if all goes well. I'm already looking forward to that surgery and we haven't even begun yet. Ignorance was definitely bliss the first time around.

If everything goes according to plan I think this could be the last tissue expansion she will need. I really hope it is the last tissue expansion she will need. I know there are more surgeries in her future, but I have developed a real dislike for tissue expansion and can't wait for us to be through this part. The first step was to schedule which is what I did. Finally. After having put it off for a couple of months.

Bleh. I know the grown-up H. will be glad for having done all this, but, bleh. Just bleh.


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