Happy 6th birthday, K.!

Saturday was K.'s 6th birthday, which means he's been home for almost four years. How can either of those numbers be correct? Didn't we just travel to Vietnam to bring him home? Dear K. has come so far in those four years. He has gone from a 9 month sized boy who could sit, stand, and walk (Only. Really.), to a funny little guy who talks all the time, runs, rides his tricycle, eats everything, and is incredibly good natured. He is pretty much like any other four year old you know and we think it's terrific. (When you meet your two year old son and realize he is about as advanced as a baby and you wonder if he will ever learn to speak much less all those other things, four looks pretty darn good.)

We celebrated his birthday on Saturday. Usually the birthday child gets to choose the dinner, but we have been blessed with two weeks of meals from friends and family, so he ate the dinner my sister-in-law brought. (K. had his desired pizza the next evening.) But he did get to choose his dessert.

K.'s obsession with all things Cars continues, so that it what he wanted.  A friend had loaned us a cupcake tin of Cars characters and A. and P. helped me do a quick bit of icing on them.

And then it was time for presents. It was all Cars, all the time. (He did get a couple non-Cars gifts, but they weren't quite as popular.)

This was from Grammy and Grandpa. Do you think he likes it?

Or how about the Cars character cars that A. and P. bought for him?

I have to say, the boy is easy to please, if somewhat predictable. I keep hoping his interests will venture into other areas of life, but for his birthday, I'm happy to give him what makes him happy. He's just so happy when he's happy.

Happy Birthday, K. I love you very much. You bring a great deal of joy into our lives.


sandwichinwi said…
Happy Birthday, Sweet K! It looks like you had a wonderful birthday!

(it is (and will be in two weeks) all things Playmobil at our house. Makes it easy, you're right!

Anonymous said…
What a sweetie pie, he is so so Happy. That makes it fun. I love the cupcake "Cars" that you used. I had to blow up the photo to get the idea and re-read that it was cupcakes. Being chocolate, it was harder to see the detail, but being chocolate means they were yummy.

What a terrific present from his grandparents. He will get so much use and enjoyment from it.

Happy birthday K!

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