A Bible for H.

In the spring every second grader in our church is presented with a Bible with their name embossed on it and signed by the pastor. Since H. didn't spend her 2nd grade year here, she missed out on receiving her Bible, so the Children's Director ordered one for her with this year's group. We thought it would all be too much to ask her to stand up in front of the church with the second grade class and we wanted to make is special and not just hand it to her, so we came up with a different plan. 

Our pastor had us meet with him in his office after church on Sunday so he could present it to her personally. Our wonderful friend who has been acting as translator also joined us. H. may not be able to read her Bible yet, or even fully understand about this Jesus-person or why we go to church, but she knew it was a special thing.

Here is our pastor showing her the Bible and where her name had been written.

Here she is receiving her Bible. The little ceremony ended with H. giving the pastor a big hug and 'thank you'.

And I continue to feel that the job of representing Jesus to my daughter, who really hadn't heard of Him up to this point is a huge and awesome responsibility.


Amy said…
I highly recommend the Jesus film that is available free on-line. They have the children's version in Mandarin and my boys really liked it when they first came home. You can watch the English version first if you want to make sure the content is what you want shared with H.

thecurryseven said…
Thanks, Amy, for jogging my memory. Before we brought H. home, this was on my mental list of things to look up and view. Obviously I forgot! Now it's really on my to-do list.

Anonymous said…
That is one of the sweetest things to see! I will pray for H's heart to be drawn to the Savior.
Kim Crawford

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