A quick update

We arrived in Guangzhou late last night, had various difficulties, and now are getting ready to leave for the visa physical appointment.  I'll post more about the events of yesterday and today later on, but since we had been flying wanted to say that all is well.

A couple of links for you until I can post more.  First, several of you sent very generous donations with us to give to a foster home in Zhengzhou which needed supplies.  I though you might be interested in reading about the foster home.  It's Eagle's Wings (click on the name to see their website).

I have also had a new article published about homeschooling while distracted at Heart of the Matter Online.  Take a look.


jan said…
i agree .... a hotel stay is just not a hotel stay if kids aren't fighting over the door card :)

following you every step of the way! hang tough...home is just on the horizon :)

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