Denim quilt

Most of us start out life shiny and new and full of possibilities.

But life can be hard. We get torn up. Worn out. Used up. We aren't the same and are pretty sure we can never be repaired.

But God can do anything. Even fix worn out, used up lives. It isn't an easy process. A lot of the old needs to be trimmed away. Refashioned. Remade. But we have to be willing to let God make these changes.

If we let Jesus make us new, it doesn't mean we don't carry the scars of our past.

But He redeems them and when joined with others who have been remade, together they make something beautiful.

My practice quilt for my 'practice child'.  I made many mistakes with both, but I think the results turned out pretty darn good both times.


asian~treasures said…
Thank you. Your words today were balm to my heart. It was a particularly trying day with my girle yesterday & I was nearly certain God gave her the wrong mommy.
Starting again, with a renewed spirit!
1.21roots said…
This is a beautiful post!

Ann said…
Already making a quilt for the NEXT child (you said "practice child--wasn't sure what you meant?)? The little baby at Shepherd's Field? ;-)
thecurryseven said…
Oh, stop, Ann! :-) A. can manage quite nicely on her own.

I refer to M., my first-born, as my practice child because she was the one who made me a mother and I had no idea what I was doing, so I got to practice on her.


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