I'm here... sort of

I haven't posted because I have nothing to share.  And if I were to write what I really want to say, it would just be a written temper tantrum, which no one really wants to read.  I'm not sure it would make me feel any better anyway.

It's been a rotten weekend.  You can pity my family and I'll just say it's a good thing my husband loves me.  I am one walking, exposed nerve.  So if you know me in real life and happen to see me (which at this point seems very unlikely), and you say something benign like, 'Hi' and I burst into tears, don't take it personally.

So, please pray.  Pray that the &$^#* TA (yes Miss P19, Mom C. really did just say that) comes.  This afternoon would be nice.

And H. still doesn't know she has a family.

I'm going to go eat another piece of chocolate now.


asian~treasures said…
Hugs to you & prayers for that &#(*@(& TA! And, that sweet H's heart is ready for news of HER family...
Anonymous said…
I got kind of edgy the last few weeks of my pregnancy too:) It must mean you are near the end:) I figured it was a tough weekend for you. Sending hugs. Oh, and btw, our baby girl made her appearance Feb. 9th. She is doing well and greatly loved by all.
Kim Crawford
Stevens Family said…
I'm sorry you have not received TA news yet. Praying it comes soon.
jan said…
been there, done that :) good thing families are forever :)
Robyn said…
I don't know you but I read your blog, and love your incredibly well reasoned and well written essays on how to raise children deliberately, lovingly, and well. You are in my prayers tonight.
1.21roots said…

Amanda from Indiana

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