Funny little girls

Another post to distract myself and save you from reading about endless travel preparations.

My two little girls are very, very funny.  At least I think so.  Two funny stories (so I'll remember them later on):

A week or so ago, I enter the little girls' room to get them up and dressed.  When I look at them, G. is all curled up, pretending to sleep and L. has stripped down to her diaper (not an uncommon occurrence) and has a blanket across her shoulders. She is standing in her bed with her arms outstretched, looking at G.  I pause to take in the scene when G. (while still pretending to sleep) says, "I, Baby Jesus, L., angel"  To which L. agrees saying, "Yeah.  I, angel, G. Baby Jesus" and continues to keep watch over her charge.  Evidently the Christmas pageant has made quite an impact on their little brains.  It is also interesting that these two year olds play imaginatively together rather in tandem.

And they love to imagine things.  L. often pretends to be an animal of some sort, but G. imagines other things. A few days after the nativity in their room, G. comes downstairs one afternoon, in just a diaper (again) with a hand towel from the bathroom wrapped around her waist.  She stands in front of me and announces, "I at beach."  She then proceeds to very carefully spread her towel on the floor and lie down upon it.  Having done this she informs me, "I lying in the sun, "  closes her eyes and lays there for a while.

I tend to want to just follow them around to see what they'll do next.  Not the most productive way to spend a day, but very enjoyable.

And now back to checking my email to see if that dang TA has arrived yet.


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