Book organization... or not

When we switched the schoolroom to A., P., and H.'s new room, we discovered that they were in desperate need of storage, especially bookcases.  We decided to move the bookcase which had been in the hallway holding our picture books.  This was not a difficult choice because if you have ever tried to store picture books, you will know that they don't fit on shelves very well.  It was one of those areas that end up looking messy because it is difficult for small people to put them away correctly.  So off it went to the girls' room where it is much better used.

That did leave us with the problem of what to do with the current season of picture books.  While we were deciding, they were living in baskets in the hallway.  Not great, but not horrible either.  I thought we had hit on the perfect solution:  baskets which hang on the wall.  The pockets looked big enough to hold the books, it looks nice, and seemed likely that even the smallest could make it work.  Here is what it looks like:

Pretty good, huh?  (Well, except for the hideous wallpaper.)  The only trick is that one needs to be sure to put smaller books in the bottom baskets because the tall ones don't fit well and it makes it difficult to see what is there.  Well, that's not the only difficulty.  It seems I underestimated how many picture books we have out at a time.  I have done some significant purging, plus we only have a third of our books out at a given time.  I thought it was a small amount of books.  And compared to what we used to have out all the time, it is a small amount of books.  But, evidently, it is not small enough for my chosen storage system:

Not great, is it?  I'm stumped as to what to do, except use the baskets we had been using to hold the overflow.  It would at least contain them, but it defeats the purpose of the nice, stream-lined, and pleasant plan I had.  Humph.

How about some cuteness, instead of messy piles?  Here's L. from this morning:

(We see this face a lot.  She's a goof.)

And G.:


Anonymous said…
Love the little girl's hairstyles:) My girls claim that our baby will have to have long hair so they can fix it cute for her. I am sure she will be thrilled. Oh well, they can be the ones to deal with the screaming while brushing the hair instead of me:) What goes around, comes around.
Kim Crawford

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