New picture

I love opening up my email and having new pictures of H.  And I love this picture of her, too.  It seems unreal at this point, after all the waiting and seeing pictures of her that we are so close to receiving our travel approval.


Anonymous said…
I'm so happy for you! She really is a special girl. I can't wait until she finds out she has a wonderful family to call her own.-Kelly Ogle
sandwichinwi said…
That is a very sweet picture! Come on TA!!!

Anonymous said…
What a cute haircut she has and I notice that she is right next to the boy you keep advocating for!
Many Blessings,
Kim C
thecurryseven said…
Good eyes, Kim. Yes that is Joseph (who still needs a family, people!) sitting next to her. I believe they live in the same house at SFCV.


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