A good lesson

"She sighed.  'Some people turn away from following Yahweh over the least hard thing.  I'm not brave, but one lesson I learned from my father -- stick to the job, whatever it is.  I can't help it; I just plod ahead.  The hard jobs sometimes turn out to be the ones that make you feel best about yourself when the thing's done.'"

From Tirzah by Lucille Travis.  We just finished reading it at lunch today.  Recommended.

The observant among you will notice a new button on my sidebar inviting you to buy fabric.  (Because everyone needs more fabric, right?)  This is a direct link to Vogue Fabrics, a terrific fabric store dangerously close to me.  If you were planning on buying fabric online,  I'd appreciate it if you'd take a look a Vogue and go through my button.  I receive a portion of everything bought through this link... and every little bit helps.


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