Tree trimming party 2011

On Saturday we had our annual family tree trimming party.  M. was able to get away from school and finals for a bit to join us and she brought a couple of friends with her.  We had many chocolate-y treats, eggnog, and stuffed pizza to top it off.  (Though a couple of children had enjoyed the treats earlier in the day so much that they didn't have a whole lot of room for pizza.)

There were lots of people helping to put on ornaments, so I took a moment to relax with a cup of tea.  I knew I would completely rearrange the tree later anyway.

I have no idea what K. was doing here.  And those lights you see hanging down did eventually get attached to the top of the archway.

This has been the year of many attempts at a Christmas card picture, but very few have been even halfway decent.  We made another attempt after we were done with the tree.  This is the best shot out of the dozen or so we took, and we still can't see a couple of faces.  I have several where most of the children are looking and even smiling at the camera and one person would move so that their face was a complete blur.  I am in awe of any family with more than a couple of children who can get them arranged in one spot and have a photograph where everyone is at least looking at the camera.  I've seen some where not only is everyone looking, but they are all smiling.  That doesn't happen here.  The whole process is starting to rate right up there with pediatrician visits.  Maybe a little lower since I actually enjoy visiting with our pediatrician.

Anyway, I'm crying, "Uncle!" for the year and we're sticking with this one:


Theresa said…
Before family photos (which were the equivalent of pulling teeth with a special needs little one and a hubby who hates the whole process), I finally discovered the importance of training them for photos! Every day leading up to the big day, I'd arrange them all on the couch or wherever, and when they all smiled on cue, they'd get an M&M or some other little treat. Hmmm. I wonder if that would work again for my 13yo son who has decided he doesn't like photos again ...? :)
Anonymous said…
We also give everyone a chance to make a "silly face" photo before the real one then everyone is usually laughing for the real thing.
thecurryseven said…
Excellent ideas! Thank you. I do think some of it is just that we don't try to take pictures of everyone all together all that often. It's too painful. But maybe if I practiced with them once a week or so, where I didn't care about the picture, they might get better at it. And some of my children will do just about anything for M&M's.


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