Two years later...

Yesterday, I finished a project I had started for Easter two years ago. Last year, the whole project, in progress got packed in a box, so finishing it was not an option. This year, I have done nothing for Lent, we did not do a Seder last night, and today, Good Friday, is looking as though it will be consumed with our rather obsessive need to finish the coop and get the fowl out of the house, will be a non-starter as well. Finishing something to make Easter seem special seemed like a really good idea. Compulsive sewing is always therapeutic after having received really, really bad news from the car repair place. REALLY bad. So I sewed, and here's what I ended up with at 11pm last night.

Now I have something pretty for the Easter table, and I have checked off a major item on a lingering sewing to-do list. I like that.

If you were looking for something a little more Good Friday, related, you know, from when I was capable of doing such things, take a look at Good Friday for Children.


Susanne said…
Congratulations, it looks great!

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