Wednesday, March 16, 2016

A little bit of color

Jimmy still needs a family. He cannot age out. How else can he become a pianist like he dreams of being if he doesn't get a family? Get used to seeing this...

I don't normally go in for pastels, except during the months of March and April. In those months I positively crave them. I think it is due to only having seen greys, browns, and whites outside my windows for so many months. And since Easter falls during these months, the bulk of my Easter table decorations are definitely on the pastel end of things. It does make it easy to mix and match things acquired from previous years; I'm nothing if not consistent.

This is all a prologue as to why, when I saw instructions for an Easter table runner, I was suddenly overcome with the need to make it. Well, except I didn't want a runner. To fit fourteen people around our dining room table, we have to put two tables together, and the result is very long. So long, any normal size table runner is not really going to work, and certainly not a three panel one. I also didn't want the quilty look. I love it for blankets and quilts, just not so much for table linens. Instead, I decided to make place mats.

Here's my trial run.

(Sorry, I'm just now realizing that the shadow of my sewing lamp got in the way.)

It was fun. I could use little bits of fabric. I could play with my stash and put colors together. It was pretty quick. All in all, a very satisfying project. It should be no problem to make 13 more. The egg is pieced together and then is back-appliqued under the pink fabric using freezer paper. Then I double top stitched the egg in place.

I put some fairly stiff sew-in interfacing inside and the back is the same fabric as the front.

I'm so excited to make some more. I have another pink one begun, but I've been doing planning for the others. Purples, more pinks, blues, yellows, oranges... It just makes me happy.

This was the first time that the new girls had seen me sew. They seemed to think it was the most magical thing they had ever seen. Y. was particularly entranced and would clap every time I finished something. When I had finished appliqueing the egg, I cut off the excess pieced fabric. Y. immediately grabbed it, exclaimed, "Beautiful!" and  put it on her head. She then proceeded to wear her new crown for most of the afternoon.

Seriously, I cannot get enough of this smile. As crazy-making as it was to ask the state of Illinois for permission to adopt two children, she is worth every ounce of worry, every grey hair, and every extra wrinkle.

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Jo's Corner said...

So cute! The place mat and the Princess Crown!

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