Adoption: A List of Articles Dealing with Attachment, Trauma, Education, and Connection

I'm working very hard at not catching whatever bug laid TM and K. out last week. Plus, I got to drive into the city through two near blizzards, making for very slow travel times. The crazy thing was it was sunny for most of the day at my house. Needless to say, I don't have a lot of energy left for original content. What I want to do instead, is to create a master list of many of my past adoption posts. I tend to write the same things over and over, mainly because I see the same issues arise over and over with each set of new adoptive parents. This will save me time in writing things out.

So, if you are a potential adoptive parent and want to learn about this life you are considering, or if you are a new adoptive parent and feel as though the floor has completely fallen out beneath you, take a look at some of these past posts.

First, all of my posts from my Adoption 101 ongoing series:

Indiscriminate Affection
Free Time
Prepare to be Humbled
The Process
Files Can Lie
Life After Coming Home
Chronological and Development/Emotional Ages Don't Always Match
Hills to Die On

The rest, since there are quite a few, I'm going to group by general category.

Connected Parenting vs. traditional parenting and its effects on trauma:
Why I'm Not Always Giving Warm and Fuzzy Adoption Advice
Truth and Consequences
Parenting a Little Differently
You Can't Take it Personally
When It's Hard Not to Take it Personally
Picking up the Pieces
Start as You Mean to go on
Towards a More Humane Discipline

Transitioning of children adopted at older ages:
The Building of Trust
Learning there is Comfort
It's a Planet... a big floating ball in the sky that people live on. No, really, it is.
And Now We Are 12

Navigating the first days and weeks:
Appropriate Expectations
Dear New Adoptive Mom
Jet Lag and Claustrophobia
Unasked for Adoption Advice.. or braving the flames of the internet
Paved with Good Intentions

The influence of past trauma on present behavior:

Annotated Reading List on Trauma
Brain Damage and Stress
Appropriate Emotions
The Long Process of Healing

Adoption, trauma, and learning:
Fear and Learning
Adoption and Education
Movement and Cognition
Homeschooling the Adopted Child
Hands On Learning
Teaching the Disregulated Child
Once Upon a Child

Attaching to your child... or not:
Attachment Tips
Positive Interactions
Not So Rare
I'm Sure I'm Not the Only One

Finally, if you are not a regular reader of this blog, here is a little of our adoption story:
Adoption - A [somewhat] Brief Story of our Journey


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