Friday Bullets

It wasn't our most focused or productive week, but hey, the Cubs won. It's my excuse and I'm sticking with it.

  • It's November which means it is NaNoWriMo. In case you don't know, this stands for National Novel Writing Month, in which participants try to write a complete novel by the end of the month. For the second year in a row, D. is participating. He has set himself a word goal of ~1500 words per day. This also means that we don't see much of him. He is always writing, or pacing the room thinking about writing, or sitting and singing the score from Hamilton. I don't think the singing of the Hamilton score has anything to do with NaNoWriMo, but he does it a lot. Some day I need to actually listen to the actual music and not just D.'s rendition of it.
  • L. just spent the past hour doing pages and pages in her math book. She is standing right next to me waiting for me to finish writing so I can check it. If I don't let her work in her math book, life becomes very loud, so I'm the nice mom and let her do her math. That's pretty generous of me, huh?
  • Hey, did you hear the Cubs won the World Series?!?
  • Kenzie and Midnight have developed a new routine it seems. A couple of times, we have discovered that Midnight has jumped up onto the kitchen counter when we are out of the room, ripped open the bread bag, extricated the bread, and thrown it to the ground, where Kenzie eats it. No, I do not think it is an endearing trick. Yes, everything will be kept in the refrigerator from now on. (Nefertiti has not so far been implicated. Since she is still just enough overweight that jumping onto the counter is a bit beyond her. She is in the clear.)
  • I have just spent far more time than I should have updating the 'homeschooling' page on the blog. (You can find it by clicking on the very faint blue word 'homeschooling' there at the top of the page.) It was out of date and filled with information that I am sure no one cared about. Now, it has links to all of our past unit study projects, so the useful information is easy to find.
  • We did not go downtown today for the big Cubs parade and rally. I don't really like crowds, even happy ones, and having many small and/or clueless children to keep track of as well didn't sound like a lot of fun. 
  • Some of my people have had a very difficult week. I am glad it is Friday. If I had tranquilizer darts, I would have a very difficult time not using them. Or, maybe I would just use them on me. 
  • My laundry is back to not being caught up. See points number 3 and 7. 
  • Christmas catalogs are starting to arrive in the mail. These are bad enough for children who have seen them before and understand (to a degree) that the items in them do not magically appear. It is truly horrible for a delayed child who is more and more aware of toys and what she wants. If I can't hide them before she gets her hands on them, the next several hours are punctuated every five minutes by a whine telling me what she wants. Even if I have put the catalogs in the recycling, she can find them, dig them out, and continue with the whine. Oy. I have to say, I was pretty impressed with the intellectual ability shown to find the desired catalog once I hid it. So that's a good thing, right?
  • I'm making this for dinner tonight: Smoky Black Bean Soup. I picked it because I have a bunch of frozen coffee in the basement that I need to start using. My beans are soaking right now, but there was a bad moment when I went to scoop up four cups of black beans from one of the buckets where I keep bulk items, only to open it and discover they were white beans. Yes, I had ordered white beans months ago and put them away. Slowly over time, they had turned into black beans in my head. D. was very nice and ran to the grocery store for me. The next bulk order is due in a couple of weeks. I guess I should probably order actual black beans.
  • Another child, whose name will not be shared to protect the guilty, informed J. this morning that they did not like to wait or be patient. This statement was not a surprise to anyone.
  • In our perpetual search for mindless TV for our brain dead minds at the end of the day, J. and I watched the tiny house episodes of House Hunters. Oh my goodness. Just looking at some of those 'houses' on the TV had me doing deep breathing to quell the claustrophobic panic they induced.
Game post tomorrow. 


Amy said…
I really enjoyed some of these bullet point, especially the dart tranquilizer and the mindless T.V. points since I could relate. Have you seen the Poldark series on PBS? If you haven't, you can start from the beginning on

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