Friday bullets, 11/18/16

This has not been my most productive week. My father's birthday was a few days ago and it was a more difficult milestone than I had anticipated. Bleh. But there were other things going on as well.

  • G. finally lost one of her shark teeth. She never actually pulled it out, it just fell out of its own accord it was so loose. Two down, two to go.
  • Not only did Y. have her first speech therapy session this week, she also had an evaluation for aquatics therapy. She loved it, which I knew she would. I was glad that I had on layers because, boy was that pool area warm. I also loved that it would take at least 8 weeks or so to have a spot open up, because this means I can continue with my plan to do one therapy at a time. Y. was not so enthusiastic about the wait because she adores the water.
  • On top of it already being a kind of yucky week, R. had another round of seizures. They were a little different from what we have seen, but the psychosis-like behavior was back in full force. (This pretty much involves her shrieking continuously at all hours of the night.) It means not a lot of sleep for anyone. The cluster seems to be done for now, and the household has gone back to being able to sleep. We blame the super moon. I like this explanation because that super moon is not going to be back for quite some time.
  • When I was grocery shopping last week, I saw that the store had turkeys on sale for 99 cents a pound. I thought to myself, 'Hmm... if I had to buy a turkey, that's probably the best I could get it for." Wait for it... Four, FOUR, days later, I wake up and the first thing that pops into my head is that yes, indeed, I DO have to get a turkey because we are here this year. Clearly, I am in complete denial about this. I will be purchasing a turkey this weekend.
  • I also realize that I am even less prepared for Christmas in my head than I am for Thanksgiving. Trust me when I say this is not a good state of affairs.
  • I keep getting text messages on my phone from AT&T. These are not happy messages. They are telling me that at the end of the year my cute and adorable and cheap little flip phone will no longer be supported by them. They keep offering me deals of fancier, smarter phones. I don't want them! I want to keep my little flip phone. I want to continue to pay a mere $100 per YEAR for my cell phone service. Waaaaa. My children are amused. I am not.
  • Last night, J. ran out to pick-up some cheap hamburgers for dinner. (See the opening paragraph. I've functioned better.) The usual place we go was unexpectedly closed, so he drove around and found somewhere else. He gives the order and the guy behind the counter looks at him and says, "We can't do that. That's too big." J. didn't quite see what the difference was between 11 people standing in line and ordering 11 sandwiches and 1 person standing in line and ordering 11, but clearly, this was something the guy behind the counter had never had to think about. They did manage to fix the sandwiches.
  • K. loves to dress up as a policeman and a fireman, sometimes alternately, sometimes at the same time. All day yesterday, he was wearing things taped to his front as his badges. We eventually realized that one of his badges announced that he had "0 Trans Fat" and he was "MSG Free". What a relief. (I have no idea which little bit of recycling he managed to snag his badge from.)
  • D. continues to work on his novel. The life of a novelist is difficult, especially when you have to kill off another character.
  • D. is camping this weekend and because of the weather change that is on its way, we needed to dig out his snow stuff. Well, let's just say it is difficult to keep a growing adolescent boy appropriately outfitted. A size 10 shoe at age 13? Can't I just keep him in socks for the next few years until his growing slows down? And this is me whining at the very beginning of his growth spurt, I'm a little afraid of the number of shoes he will grow through in future.
  • Finally, this is what K., G., and L. were up to this morning while they waited for me to start work.
K. and G.

This is an ambulance. Do you see the front seat where K.'s stuffed dog is sitting in the passenger seat? Then in the back is a pillow acting as a stretcher with a stuffed giraffe on it. (I was told he had broken all his legs.) There is even a box of medical supplies.


Anonymous said…
Try consumer cellular, they have flip phone and with no data plan my husband's is about 11.00/month.

If you have been with At&T you maybe able to just get a new chip for your old phone

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