Surprise mail

We had an unexpected box arrive at our house yesterday. (Actually, every box is a little unknown. I've been finishing up buying some things we've needed and so we never know what is going to be inside.) We knew this was even more surprising because it was addressed to "Ordinary Time Family."

Inside was four rolls of packing tape.

With the tape I thought I had it all figured out. We have been selling some furniture (still have one nice dresser if anyone is interested), and a guy came by one afternoon to see it. Of course the masses were around and we chatted for a minute and then he left. Later, he emailed J. to say they didn't think the dresser was going to work, but, in a very polite and thoughtful way, asked if there was anything we needed that he could supply. J. and I never quite know the appropriate way to respond, so we settled on sharing the ol' blog address and then adding that tape is always a valuable commodity around here, and if he still wanted to do something, we could always use more. We didn't think anything more about it until the box arrived yesterday, and everything clicked.

(I really don't like fishing for presents, but having been on the other side of the equation enough times, you learn that when you are moved by someone and want to do something to show that feeling, it does not help when you have no outlet for it.)

Why do I always need more tape? Let me show you.

K., the mad recycler, is constantly taping junk together. In the pictures above, he had made a movie camera. (Please ignore the disaster that is his room. That's on the docket for today. K. is not excited.)

Here is another creation that was just lying on the ground. No, I don't know what it is. Chances are it is some sort of weapon. But you can see my problem. This type of artistry uses an awful lot of tape. And when he starts in, others want to follow. This boy can decimate a full roll of packing tape in an afternoon if I don't limit him. So, to our generous tape donor.... thank you! K. also thanks you and I'm a little surprised he hasn't broken into it yet.

But our mystery doesn't end there. This morning, a child brings me another package, also addressed to the Ordinary Time Family. Here is what was inside.

It was a package of washi tape from a different person. Now it is an official mystery. A cool and fun mystery, so the best kind. And once again, to our mysterious tape donor... Thank you! Everyone (and not just K. this time) is pretty excited to see what they can do with this.

Life is often an adventure. Thank you for being a part of the fun side of that equation. We are extremely grateful and a little humbled.


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