Maybe these bullet points will become a weekly occurance

I have still to teach piano lessons to K. and Y., as well as go over TM's schoolwork before I run out in the car to collect P. from the stable, so this will have to be short. (Hey, your sigh of relief doesn't have to be quite so loud.) And, since bullet points proved to be so popular the last time (over 1000 hits so far... really?), I will resort to them once again.

  • My nutty children are playing outside. This doesn't sound too unusual except for the fact it is raining and 48 degrees outside. At least they are helpfully refilling our bird feeders in addition to getting wet and muddy.
  • Just when you think your children are not paying too much attention to what you read to them in school, they prove you wrong. G. and L. had created some huge imaginary play this morning. I was informed that they were in George Washington's camp and they were soldiers. I think it was Valley Forge because the third floor was a wee bit chilly.
  • A. is going to be going on a mission trip with her university crew team to Nicaragua in January. If you are interested in reading about it, or sending some money her way, you can take a look at her fundraising page
  • Can I just say again that I am not supermom, whoever that is? For instance, last night we were due to have potpies. When J. arrived home at 7pm, I had the crust made, but the filling (which I had neglected to take out of the freezer in time) was still thawing at an incredibly slow rate. We decided rather than eat at 8:30, which is when the pies were looking to be done, we would order pizza and eat at 7:45 instead. This is late even for our generally late eating family. We'll be having the potpies tonight along with a much earlier bedtime.
  • J. and I both agree that it seems that R. has done a little maturing. Instead of feeling as though she is working at 18 month old level, now we see her more as a 2 to 3 year old. Kind of a 'terrible twos' sort of thing, though we tended to experience it more of a 'terrible threes'. It's progress. At least that's what we keep telling ourselves.
  • Remember the speech therapy evaluation for Y. that was so not fun to be a part of due to Y.'s lack of enthusiasm? Well, I got the written evaluation in the mail the other day. I learned that the child was very cooperative in the session. Really? Were we in the same session? The child I saw was doing everything but holding up a sign to signal how unhappy she was to be there and her level of cooperation reflected that. It could be why the evaluator decided that the child was not physically able to sit up straight. Evidently body language was not part of the course work to train future speech therapists.
  • I've been keeping track of how many books I've read this year, mainly because I'm curious and I like to be able to remind myself of what I've read. I just wrote down the title to book #60 a couple of nights ago. You need to know that I include any books I've read out loud to my children, so that bumps the number up quite a bit. I know I used to be able to read between 8 and 10 books per month when I was younger and had more leisure time, so as far as my personal reading statistics go, this feels a little low. (Can I write this as merely information without it sounding like bragging? I have no idea how this comes across.)
And now, life beckons and I hope it stops raining before I have to go out in the car. I don't really like to get wet.


Carla said…
I like bullet points. It gives us a glimpse of areas of your life that aren't worthy of a full post.

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