In which we don't go back to school

As is our tradition, we don't start back to school on the day after Labor Day. Instead we take advantage of enjoying the near emptiness of a local museum. We decided on Museum of Science and Industry today, and we had a rare treat that J. was able to rearrange his schedule at the last moment and join us. He very, very rarely gets to come along on our outings, so this was a treat for everyone. Our visit became a sort of highlights tour, as the children showed J. some of their very favorite things.

Up on the second floor is what my children all call the giant hamster wheel, and it is probably their single favorite thing in the entire museum. But before you get to the wheel, you get to pass a bunch of other fun stuff. Such as... Mindball.

TM and D.

And a machine that delivers very mild electric shocks.


And a table where you play some sort of game all together. I see the table taken up by my family, so I ask, "What are you doing?" Without pausing, they all say, "We have no idea!"

And then there is the hamster wheel.


Y. (It is excellent for the hamstrings. J. and I briefly wondered if we could get the insurance to pay for a home version.)

I don't know what these two are looking at, but I always thing from the back, they could very well be twins their builds are so much alike.

Y. and K.

Then  we headed out the corner to another favorite place... the airplane. You also get a great view of the giant train layout on the first floor, below.

Yes, this is a full-sized airplane mounted there next to the balcony. I remember when they brought this plane to the museum along Lake Shore Drive.


TM and D. - You can't usually do this in a plane engine.

Lunch was next, with the requisite search for Pokemon.


And the viewing of the Jolly Ball.

G., R., and L.

After lunch we headed towards the Omnimax theater, by way of the farm... one of the K.'s personal favorites.

This series of pictures cracks me up. R. was not sure why, exactly there was a cow, but did agree to pose near it, There were boys hiding behind them, though, poised to photo bomb.

R., H., and Y.

With TM and D.


K. and L.

Y., G., and P. - They're driving a combine. Well, driving should really be in quotes based on the number of circles that were happening.

We ended at the Omnimax to see a movie about great white sharks. It was a good day.

Tomorrow we really do start school, much to my children's great relief. I have endured a week of multiple people whining at me that they really wanted school to start nnnnnooooooowwwwww. Yep, I'm the only mother in the world who has spent the week telling her children, "No, you may not start school. You have to wait." More on that tomorrow.


Wonderful... enjoy as much as possible!

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