Well, you won't have to sit through vacation photos today

Someone should hire us to come visit places in a drought, so that it will rain. We seem to have an uncanny ability to bring rain with us where ever we go, especially if we were hoping for sun. Some memorable rainy vacations included the camping trip that had more mud than anything, the trip to Arizona in the spring where it was colder and rainier than the clothes we brought, and the last couple of beach trips up here to Michigan. Our streak has not been broken.

The morning was mostly rainy, but that did not stop some people from heading down to the beach and getting some swimming in. (There was no lightning or thunder.) Then after lunch we headed into town and played at the children's museum, got some ice cream, and picked up some groceries. When we returned, there was enough afternoon left that some people went down to the beach again, though it dripped every now and then.

I've been remiss in taking photos, but families members have been busy with their phones. I was going to share them, but Blogger is being unfriendly and won't let me. Maybe tomorrow.


The sun will come out, tomorrow.

Sorry, I couldn't help myself. I routinely break into song like that, you just don't get the full effect when I'm only writing. And since I suddenly had the song in my head, I figured you all should have the song in your head, too.


Deb F said…
Oh no to the rain and a bigger OH NO to the implantation of you know what song into my brain! 😬
Carla said…
Thank you so much for bringing the rain to Michigan! We were indeed headed for drought status. The corn in our field was literally shriveling up because it was so dry. We received a much welcome 3 1/2 inches in our area.

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