Wednesday, July 31, 2013

What you do when the weather for your beach vacation is cold and rainy (warning... very picture heavy)

First your aunt finds this very cute children's museum and you spend several hours there. 

J. and H. at the bubble table

L. (Her hair started out being done... I don't know what happened.)

The restaurant kitchen was a huge hit. This is L.

There was a vet's office, complete with bear with trailing entrails.

TM spent a lot of time making bubbles.

A. helping L. do the climbing wall.

This sign was posted all over.

G. borrowed a bear from the vet's office and carted him off to the restaurant to share food with him.

After the museum you walk down the street and get ice cream, despite the cold weather.

G. and B. G. chose vanilla.

L. did not. I'm sure any parent can name that ice cream as Superman. (What else would L. pick?)

When you get tired of waiting for the little people to finish your ice cream, you start to wrestle.

Then you walk to the park and play a bit. Or climb on statues as the case may be.

The quote of the day came from L. as she was looking at this statue of fruit sellers. She looked at them and asked, "What happens if we wake them up?" Then proceeds to give one of them a big whack to see if she could do it.

There is A LOT of game playing.

M. and TM

And A LOT of reading.


When there is even the slightest hint of sun, you head outside. This time we headed down to a little outlet.

M. and G.

The whole group wading in the outlet.

J. and the little girls climbing dunes.


And once we just played on the beach.



You end your vacation by picking many pounds of blueberries. (This was Andrews U-Pick outside of Shelby in Michigan.) It was a lovely orchard... those bushes are over 50 years old.





Finally, you write a blog post about your trip, thanking your aunt and uncle for such a lovely time... despite the weather.

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Lucy said...

Michigan has the BEST orchards. I remember visiting cousins as a kid and buying the most amazing cherries. There were so many varieties, and all ripe and delicious. I still want to go back :-)

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