It's amazing what a little water can do

I believe I'm mentioned before that I am not the world's greatest gardener. It's too bad because I really do appreciate gardens. Thankfully, I have a son who loves plants and gardens and is actually good at growing plants. He also happened to be home a bit this summer before taking off for an environmental studies summer institute, so he put our vegetable garden in. This certainly did give everything growing a leg up before B. left the plants to my ministrations. I'm sure he is expecting to see dry stalks upon his return, and I actually don't blame him. 

But, this year I vowed to turn over a new leaf and actually try to be consistent with the garden care... especially the watering. Look! Look at what will great B. when he arrives home next week. 

It seems I now have the opposite problem of a garden completely out of control.

This was supposed to be just cucumbers. Now it is some valiant cucumbers holding out against the bully pole beans.

See one of the little cucumbers doing its best to grow?

I actually have parsley, sweet basil, and Asian basil this year.

Ant take a look at the wisteria that B. and I have been trying to get to grow to train over the ugly black fence for years. Truly years. Suddenly it is taking off. I have no idea what it thinks its going to grab onto growing way up into the air like that.

There's also a lot of sage, lemon thyme (another garden bully), and a little oregano.

The lemon thyme is even giving the mint a run for its money.

Here's the view of the four raised beds.

Oh, and one last thing that we've found growing in the old bee keeping area. Those giant leaves? Horseradish. B. has even grated some of the root and we've used it to make horseradish sauce.

The bee keeping area also seems to be the place where old plastic ride-on toys go to die, but since it is so overgrown, no one can really tell. I didn't want you to think I'd completely reformed.


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