My thumb is not green

Not even the palest shade of green. I imagine plants at nurseries cowering in horror at the thought of having to come home with me and my not-so-loving care. My mother-in-law used to remove plants from my home to nurse back to health. While they survived, they also never returned. I just don't have houseplants anymore. But I do like plants and gardens. I like planning gardens. And I enjoy beautiful gardens... especially from a chair with a good book and a cup of tea.

But reading about gardens does not a beautiful garden make, which is where my children come in. It turns out they enjoy gardening, especially B. A couple of years ago, on his own volition, he completely cleared of weeds one of the more egregiously ugly sections of our yard. In return, I bought him some plants to in the space. And since B. evidently does have a green thumb, the raspberry bushes and ferns he planted are thriving.

After one last, pathetic attempt on my part to garden last year, I have turned over all vegetable gardening to B. We have three raised beds and B. has filled them with lettuce and other vegetables. I have great hopes that this year we will have food to eat from our garden. And since one thing leads to another, A. wanted to get in on the fun as well. After B.'s success, I thought I would give her another section of ugliness for a flower garden. She completely weeded and turned it and made an edging out of leftover bricks. Yesterday we went and she picked out some plants to start with. I have to say, it looks much better than it ever has.

A. in her garden
Inspired by all the previous successes, J. worked to mulch and lay some pavers around the two of the raised beds. It seemed wrong to have nice, neat vegetable gardens surrounded by weedy, boggy mud.
Paving and mulching in process

G. who enjoyed watching the gardening (and playing football) from the safety and shade of the playpen. This really is a smile, though looking at the photo she seems to be slightly worried. (L. was having a nap inside.)


LawMommy said…
And now I want to read the Secret Garden again. (For the 300th time, probably.)

I have a black thumb myself, a fact that annoys my mother (and her vibrantly green thumb) to no end.
Anonymous said…
Black thumb here, too. I have one live plant in my house and it is the one my son brought home from pre-school recently for Mother's Day. I'm sure it will die very, very soon, and he will be devastated. Sigh.

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