Monday, July 11, 2016

Pictures and good news

First the pictures from the weekend.

My children and my brother's children

My whole side of the family

Y. in the barn looking for...

kittens!! This activity took most of the girls' time. (That's L.)

K., at the pond down the road.

More pictures from the park down the road.

G. and L.

We buried my father's ashes under a new fruit tree that was planted on the farm. He always loved it there. It is a good choice.

Then, this morning, L. and I sat at the doctor's office. Last Wednesday, friends invited our whole family to dinner at their house. I really should have blogged about this earlier. It's not often we are all invited and we had a great time. (Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!) Plus our friends live right next to a small park, so children got to play and eat. That was when L., who was climbing on top of one of the play structures fell off.

On her arm.

Visions of ER's danced in my head as I took a look at it. But, it wasn't visibly broken and she had full range of movement without screaming. So, I suggested that it was bruised and it would feel better after a bit. (Because you know, my whole shake-it-off-method of dealing with limb issues has proven so successful over these years... There was M's knee surgeries... and A.'s knee surgery... ) Well, over the entire weekend, L. complained about her arm hurting. Possibly every half an hour for the past four days I have been told her arm hurts. So, remembering my track record of ignoring more serious injuries, I called and got her into a doctor this morning. He looked at her arm, and while he also thought is was bruised muscles, he decided that based on her level of complaint, she should have an x-ray. I did chuckle when he asked if I knew where radiology was, mentioning that L. was number 12. He then laughed and asked if there was a room named for us yet.

L. was excited to have another x-ray. She loved seeing the bones in her thumb the last time we visited, though I think she was a little disappointed that a lollipop was not involved this time. Anyway, long story a little bit shorter, there were no small breaks to be found in either her radius or ulna or her wrist, which was another possibility. Hooray! I was really, really not looking forward to living with L. in an arm cast. Really. And now, my overly dramatic child can stop imagining that something is horribly wrong with her arm and relax a bit while the bruised muscles heal.
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