Thursday, May 05, 2011

Back to the knee surgeon

A while back M. had knee surgery to remove some loose cartilage which had been scraped off the back of her knee that was floating around.  While the surgery was successful in removing the cartilage and that M. could walk around again without randomly occurring pain, the knee has never been quite right.  So, this morning we went to see another knee specialist.

Her knee issues turn out to be a two-part problem... well, maybe three.  The first is that she probably tore the very thin ligament which stabilizes the knee cap when she had the initial injury.  Second, she has very loose kneecaps, which causes more instability.  (I am now obsessed with kneecap mobility and am going around to the various family members and wiggling their kneecaps.  According to the surgeon, most people can only move the kneecap about a centimeter, but so far M., B. and I (meaning me, E... not some new family member named I. that you don't know about) can all move our kneecaps much more than that.)  And third, M.'s kneecap sits higher on her knee than most people and some of the problem is that her kneecap doesn't always slide over the kneecap in the groove it's supposed to.

All that adds up to having another MRI done in the next few days and most likely scheduling more knee surgery.  The surgeon is going to stabilize the knee by creating new, stronger tendons so the kneecap can't move around as much.  It is out-patient and will be able to walk, but has several months of recovery involved before she will be 100% mobile again.

At least she wasn't planning on going on a physically strenuous mission trip out of the country this summer.

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Deb Ford said...

Since I am reasonably knee-obsessed these days, how is she? Blessings! Deb

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