Surgery tomorrow

The hospital called this afternoon and M is scheduled for her knee surgery at 2pm. The best scenario is that the doctor goes in, removes the broken off piece of cartilage, closes up and is done. If that happens, then M can go home the same afternoon. But, even with an MRI, the doctors can't really tell what is actually going on with her knee and won't know for sure until they are in surgery. There is a chance that the cartilage will need to be reattached or holes drilled into the bone to stimulate more bone growth. In either of these cases, the surgery is more involved and M will need to stay the night in the hospital. So, we have been instructed to be prepared to stay overnight M isn't looking forward to it, but is pretty calm about the whole thing. I'm...doing a good job of appearing calm, but feeling the need to pace growing stronger and stronger. I just keep reminding myself that this is pretty easy compared to when P had surgery at a week old. Is it too unreasonable to just want my children healthy all the time?

Here is a picture of tomorrow's patient in her costume for the recent murder mystery party:


Christina said…
Praying for M - and for you too!
StaceynCorey said…
We'll be praying for M. and your family.

Love the costume; beautiful! I bet the dinner will be so much fun.
Praying! She is beautiful!!!!

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