Tuesday, June 07, 2016

My first day being old

My darling son (name withheld to protect the not-so-innocent) has been dutifully counting down for me the days I had left being young. In his mind, everyone under 50 is young and everyone 50 and over is old. By this reasoning, today is my very first day of being old. Who knew old feels very much the same as young?

We didn't plan it on purpose, but it worked out nicely that we went down to the Museum of Science and Industry with friends to see the Lego exhibit and have one last field trip together. While we were waiting, the P. Family mom helpfully(?) pointed out that this marked the end of 18 years of field trips together. Because that is just too sad to think about on my birthday, I'm going to move on.

The Lego exhibit was fun, with lots and lots of chances to build things which the masses seemed to enjoy. I spent the morning wandering around the exhibit, looking at the historical buildings done in Lego, and counting to nine repeatedly to make sure I knew where everyone was. At one point, as I was counting, I saw people waving me over to where the Master Builder game is going on. This was a two-person game run by an employee where a subject was given to the builders and they had three and half minutes to create something with Lego. As I headed over, I glanced up and realized that G. and L. were standing together at one of the podiums. I was floored. While they have plenty of ideas and personality at home and with their family, they tend toward silent and staring when others are around, thus my shock that they had gotten themselves chosen to play and that they actually then participated. Not only that, but they answered the adult's questions... both of them. If you had bet me that they would do something like this, I would have never taken it.

The thing they had to build was a new and different way to get to school. Since 99% of the children sitting and watching the game were homeschooled, there was some slight chuckling in the audienceat the prompt. G. and L. then began to industriously build together. In the end, they created a rocket to go to school in and came away with Master Builder stickers. They were pleased with themselves and I tried to act as though events like this happened every day.

So after a picnic lunch, we are now home. Eventually I will add some pictures to this post. Knowing the milestone nature of this field trip, I had dutifully taken my camera to document it. This would have been great if the memory card was in it... which it wasn't. So, I have begged photos from friends with phones that do such things as take pictures and when I get them, I'll add them in.

And now, since J. is cooking dinner tonight, I'm going to curl up in a comfortable chair and read a book. Which is just about the most perfect way to spend a birthday.

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