Monday, October 12, 2015

Day 43

That would be 43 days since our dossier was logged-in and we've been waiting for our LOA's. That would be "Letters of Acceptance" that officially give us permission to adopt R. and T. I'm starting to get just a little antsy. At least a couple other families who are on about our same timeline have their LOA's, so we should hear soon. I hope. I would really rather not be the seemingly random family that occasionally has a 90 day wait.

I want to start making photo books to send to the girls so they can be told they have a family coming for them. I want to start picking up a few new clothes for each of them. (And yes, I actually leave the tags on. Who doesn't like brand-new clothes?) I want to be able to start making real plans for being gone for nearly three weeks. With and LOA, we will have a much better idea of when we'll actually travel. I'm just very ready to leave this limbo we've been living in for nearly a year. That would be the limbo of having a child in another place and being unable to reach her.

I sometimes wish that I could be L. for just a moment and flail around on the floor venting my impatience and frustration. But I'm a grown-up and I'll behave.
I have another article published. Six Incredible Programs Working to Help Orphaned Children in China 


Jena said...

Hi Elizabeth- I am a fellow adoptive mom from the old Vietnam days :-) We are in the new pilot Vietnam program with holt, and I am catching up on reading your blog, and saw this one and had to chuckle... we have had our new daughter's referral for 9 months, and our paperwork has been in Vietnam for 6 months, and officially logged in for 3 months... and nothing... and we have no idea when we will hear anything.... I would love to be waiting for 45 days... I get ridiculously jealous of my china adopting friends for the predictability of that program, ha!

thecurryseven said...

Congratulations on your referral. I completely understand... we waited with completely unknown timelines for far too long for K's adoption to be approved by Dong Nai in Vietnam. I truly thought I would lose my mind. I also was completely annoyed by people in the China program who would kvetch about how long things were taking.

And truly, my annoyance when I wrote this post was not so much that we had hit day 43, which in the great scheme of things isn't that long, but was still very much a hang-over from the completely unnecessary delays caused by our own government, specifically my state of IL. I have no control over other sovereign governments, but by own... whom I pay with my taxes? No. Patience. At. All.

I really hope things speed up for you. It is so hard to wait and wait and have no news at all, all the time watching your child grow up. I am so excited that adoptions are starting from VN again... I hope things can reach a point where parents at least know what their timelines will be. The unknown is so very, very hard.


Jena said...

Ah, yes! dreaded Dong Nai!
And I totally do understand your frustration because of the Illinois thing(I was following you through that craziness).

I keep reminding myself that there will likely be a day when I will have 2 kids with trauma in my home and I will long for the days when it was manageable having just one...but right now the waiting and not knowing is just about putting me over the edge... and I just want to get her home and start healing with her...
So grateful you are still blogging, I really appreciate your thoughts and journey!

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