I thought I'd never be able to this....

but after

  • 9 months
  • over 100 days delay by the state
  • one state law changed
  • countless (truly) letters to congressmen, senators, governors, and journalists
  • two interventions by our senator
  • one conference call between DCFS and our two agencies telling me to essentially shut-up
  • one home study agency going belly up
  • application paperwork to a second home study agency
  • one intervention by a friend to release our home study
  • one RFE
  • one near RFE
  • two waits for state approval
  • four visits to the Secretary of State
  • four visits to the Chinese consulate
  • several notary disasters
  • one set of unexpectedly expired passports
  • seven FedEx envelopes (maybe more, I've lost count)
  • missing paperwork
  • misdirected paperwork
  • multiple emails from J., who I dumped the whole nightmare on when I couldn't take it anymore
  • a nervous breakdown or two (or five)
and a whole lot of whining I can finally announce that....


That means, we could realistically be looking at travelling to adopt R. and T. in four to six months. It also means that we have moved a step forward on the nice little timeline I wrote out for you all, oh, so long ago. If you look at it, we have now moved to step 11.

What's next? We wait to hear that our dossier has been logged-in to the CCCWA, and from there we wait for our official notice that we have been officially approved to adopt our girls. These two steps can take 2-3 months. 

Have a terrific weekend. I know we will.


CONGRATULATIONS! It has been a long time coming! :)
Molly said…
Congrats! Hoping that things are smooth sailing from here on out.

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